Fans are concerned about Catherine and Austin’s marriage

Last week a clip from the ACE Family went viral where Austin McBroom, former NBA player, yells at Catherine Paiz in front of children for not going along with his bit. The video titled “A Day in the Life of Catherine” was accidentally uploaded to their channel unedited and there’s a lot of heat going on.

Warning: Profanity Involved

The video shows the five family members preparing to do their vlogs intro and McBroom adds “Look at my hair, good thing I don’t have to…” Paiz cuts him off and says “No” as she turns the camera away. McBroom responded “No, I’m going to say it. Good thing I don’t have to be on camera today.” Paiz said “OK,” and Austin yelled “God, My hair looks f—ed up, I’m not feeling it like this, so just go.” They then do it again the way McBroom wanted to.

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The ACE Family is a family vlogging channel with 19.1 million subscribers where they cover any family related topics such as pregnancy, parenthood, pranks, and entertainment. McBroom and Paiz are parent to three children: 4-year-old Elle, 2-year-old Alaia, and 4-month-old Steel.

There has been drama in the past and viewers are wondering why the ACE Family hasn’t been cancelled again.

Past Drama

Back in 2019, McBroom was accused of raping a woman while he was on vacation in Miami. Beauty vlogger, Cole Carrigan, was who exposed McBroom of raping the woman. McBroom supposedly paid vlogger $500,000 to keep quiet and still denies all allegations.

“If you have not heard, I have recently been a victim of extortion defamation and slander. I knew this was a cold world but never did I foresee something this disturbing upon me,” McBroom said in his statement at the time. The vlogger said, “Dude asked me how much did the Ace Family pay to not make the vid, I said $500k sarcastically. Truth is the woman I planned on interviewing went MIA.”

Now earlier in 2020, fans were not amused with McBroom buying his 4-year-old daughter a phallic shaped lollipop at a sex store. Of course fans thought it was inappropriate.

Last summer, there were also cheating rumors going on after Twitter user Isabella messaged Paiz saying the following: “I wanted to let you know because you deserve to know as a mother. Last weekend, Austin was with some friends of mine in Miami. He slept with one of them and made her sign a NDA.” Isabella mentioned she had proof and Paiz stuck by her husband and responded: “Omg lmao, post your ‘proof’ the people wanna see. How about you post what you got, and if someone tries to sue you I’ll pay for it. Deal? I swear ppl believe everything they read.” Seems like The ACE Family have been involved in various scandals.

“A Day in the Life of Catherine” Scandal

On October 15, a new vlog was uploaded to The ACE Family YouTube channel and the drama begins due to unedited clip of McBroom’s actions. As McBroom yelled and cursed at Paiz, their older daughter waited for them to finish and viewers were saying that “it’s almost like she’s trained.”

There’s so much concern for Paiz. Fans can see the sadness through her eyes and feel bad for her being in that situation. 

Viewers thought it was obvious that the video was supposed to start after that clip but it was left unedited until it was too late. The ACE Family is against cursing in their family vlogs but fans seemed to be more upset at McBroom’s toxic behavior towards wife and especially it occurring in front of their children. 

Catherine and Austin later responded to the intro of the video in a tweet saying they sometimes get frustrated with each other and call it marriage.

The YouTube video was later removed but it had already reached plenty of views. The video was also posted on TikTok captioned “I know this man did not talk to her like that.” Viewers had much to say about the video. One viewer mentioned how Paiz looked unhappy and like she wanted to cry. Another commented “she doesn’t need him.” And another commented how you can see a hole in the wall when she turns the camera away. Viewers are concerned about what happens behind the camera and think that Paiz might’ve left that clip on purpose. 

Viewers are waiting for McBroom to be cancelled soon and Paiz has everyone’s support to start her own YouTube channel without him. What do you think?