A man named Adam Bloom called the cops on a black woman using the community pool with her baby, after she would not show this random person her ID.

It’s incredible how much the landscape of being a racist piece of so and so has changed in the last few weeks. It used to be, you were a shitty white person who felt like calling the cops on black people doing nothing, there isn’t that much anyone would really do about you, other than point out you’re a racist piece of shit</>.

Now? People caught on camera being absolute racist dirtbags have their lives upended for the pure capitalist reason of no one really wants to work with a racist dirtbag. We’ve seen Barbecue Becky call the cops on a black family having a barbecue, we’ve seen #PermitPatty have her canine cannabis business upended after trying to call the cops on (ahem) an eight year old girl, and now we have a new challenger to the ever growing viral trend of having your life ruined while being awful: a man named Adam Bloom who demanded a black woman show HIM for some reason her ID before she can use the pool.

The full video can be seen here.

Adam asked the woman for her identification for the neighborhood pool to prove she belonged in the high end neighborhood. When the woman showed she had a pool pass, which she passed by, oh you know, the actual people who own the pool and not a complete stranger who demanded identification just because, it was not enough for Adam and thus the cops had to intervene.

When accused of racial profiling, Adam Bloom gurgled out “I ask residents… a couple times a week”, referencing identification. We need to point out now that it isn’t really his job to do any such thing. So even if this guy isn’t a racist (and he seems to be one), he is absolutely an asshole of the highest order.

Repulsively enough, even when the cop says it should be enough that she has a pool pass, him wanting to leave, Bloom says “Okay, let’s validate that it works then.” To him, nothing is more important, nothing– than proving this woman doesn’t belong here. He feels it in his bones for some mysterious reason.

The card ends up working, and the officer ends up apologizing to the woman, as Bloom continues to avoid talking to the woman, saying to the cop: “They kind of make their way around sometimes, but that’s good enough for me today.” Adam wants to make sure things are good enough for him.

Anyway, Adam got fired later that day from the parking company Sonoco, which Tweeted out this statement:

So uhhh… hey folks. If you want to call the cops on a black person doing nothing: probably don’t. It’ll ruin their day and probably get you fired, because everyone can see you doing this stuff. Although there is one connective tissue still left to be adressed between those who call the cops on black people minding their own business:

The sunglasses! What is up with those sunglasses! Barbecue Becky had them too! Sunglasses!

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