Africa’s Youngest Billionaire, Mohammed Dewji, Kidnapped by Gunmen

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Reports from Tanzanian cabinet minister, January Makamba, have confirmed that Africa’s youngest billionaire, 43-year-old Mohammed Dewji, has been kidnapped. Dewji was reportedly staying at a luxury hotel in Dar es Salaam and was kidnapped at around 6:30am, whilst he was returning to his room from the gym.

Although Mohammed is very well known for his wealth, and his ‘business tycoon’ status, he has never hired any personal bodyguards to protect him and had often interacted with the public. Dewji runs the METL group, which is a family business that operates across six African countries, which primarily comprises of the food, beverage and textile markets. Dewji’s also signed over half his fortune to The Giving Pledge in aid of philanthropic causes back in 2016.

According to Dar es Salaam regional police commissioner, Lazaro Mambosaso, the kidnappers were foreign nationals, who accessed the gym after the gates were left open and it is also believed that they were left open deliberately. Lazaro went on to mention that the kidnappers drove into the hotel and opened fire before forcing Dewji into a car and speeding off. Although the reason for the kidnapping is unknown, it is expected to be a ‘ransom.’

It is still unclear where Mohammed Dewji whereabouts is and the police in Tanzania are still awaiting for any reports.

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