AGT: Susan Boyle’s RETURN Earns Mel B’s First GOLDEN BUZZER

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Is it time for aughts nostalgia already? All ? All right, look, I’ll bite. I’m a sucker for memories of days long past, conflicts long resolved, and hope and pain long forgotten. If you give me a video with that cheap video quality and lack of widescreen that 2004 had to offer, you will get a minute of my time (no small feat!). So, it is with great pride and greatest pleasure that I present to you, the toast of 2008’s Britain’s Got Talent, your favorite and mine, Susan Boyle!

Watch her above making her triumphant return to the TV stage on “America’s Got Talent”, Susan Boyle came on following a glowing, beautiful introduction that showcases her story and why she was exactly so damn popular to begin with. Susan Boyle talks about her feeling of ordinariness, we show the audience on Britain’s Got Talent laughing derisively at her presence, but when Susan Boyle belted out “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables, the audience has nothing to say. What could they say? This was something odd and human and beautiful in a way that they just weren’t used to seeing.

And now Susan Boyle was back, singing The Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses” as beautifully as we’ve come accustomed to from her. The audience is in awe, and you will be in tears when Susan Boyle earns Mel B’s first “Golden Buzzer” — the button judges give contestants who are so good they earn their highest level of praise. Golden confetti flies from the rafters as Mel B and Simon Cowell come on stage to hug the woman who best defines these sort of talent showcases, and an icon of reality TV. Susan Boyle mentioned how humbled she felt by the victory, and it is wonderful to see such an icon of hope make her way back to the stage.

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