"How is James Charles allowed to carry on rn?!"

More James Charles fans are speaking out against the beauty guru for allegedly acting inappropriately towards them. James Charles finds himself yet again being accused of “grooming” and “pedophilia” after a 16-year-old came forward last week about his communication with Charles.

Another Allegation

Isaiyah who was 16-years-old at the time of the incident with James Charles, spoke out about the situation last friday on social media. He claimed that 21-year-old Charles had sent him unsolicited nudes on Snapchat and kept trying to get the 16-year-old to send him sexual things back. Isaiyah claimed that he had previously told Charles that he was in fact 16.

Isaiyah a.k.a. @redzai posted screenshots of their messages and some photos but the video had been taken down by Twitter. Insider reported that Twitter took down the post for violating the platform’s guidelines. It wasn’t taken down before others were able to still keep the messages and screenshots.

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James Charles’s Response

James Charles posted on his social media a statement that appeared to be typed from the Notes app on his phone. In the statement, Charles denies the allegations calling them, “completely false.” He also claimed that he wasn’t aware that Isaiyah was 16-years-old because he told Charles that he was actually 18-years-old. In his statement he says, “he told me he was 18 so I started flirting back.”

He saw a photo of Isaiyah on Instagram and decided to add him back on Snapchat. “I woke up to several snaps from this person being excited I added him back, saying he loved me, and also lewd photos of himself in the shower.”

James Charles reflected on his behavior as he felt as though he could’ve been talking to someone he liked he didn’t make the person prove their age. “In the excitement of meeting someone I thought could be potentially great, I didn’t ask for a copy of his ID or passport,” Charles stated.

He claimed that he unfriended the person as soon as Isaiyah admitted that he was actually 16-years-old even though he allegedly still wanted to continue to talk to Charles.

More Accusations Against James 

Isaiyah defended himself after James Charles’ statement by stating that his TikTok bio had his age. Although some questioned if that was the truth. Isaiyah responded, “I didn’t record me saying it just like how he doesn’t have proof of me supposedly saying I’m 18.”

After the situation got a lot of attention more people came forward to speak about James Charles’ behavior towards them. User @a0nnnj created a thread of tweets claiming that James Charles was flirting with him but nothing “sexual” had happened. The tweets from the user have been deleted but other accounts have posted them.

Another person came forward about Charles with proof. He made an eight-part series on TikTok that had similar situation to Isaiyah. Uzzy with the handle @lifeofuzzy posted proof of his interaction with the influencer claiming he asked him for nude photos but Uzzy did not want to send any.

Uzzy claimed that he had reached out to James Charles after the huge scandal involving Youtube sensation Tati Westbrook. Tati Westbrook accused Charles of sexually preying on straight men. The internet quickly turned on James Charles. He claimed that he felt bad for Charles and messaged him on Instagram that if Charles needed anyone to talk to he would be happy to speak to him.

After that, James Charles added Uzzy on Snapchat. He alleged that after a few days of speaking, Charles was asking him for explicit photos.

He continued to explain that after Charles continued to ask him for inappropriate things he did not want to send James then deletes him off Snapchat.


Here’s part 8, if you still think I’m clout chasing or lying idk what to tell you. You can’t judge me because you don’t know what I’ve been through.

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Many of these allegations all say that James Charles “groomed” them. Let’s talk about what grooming is and how it applies to these accusations.

According to the UK’s National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, “grooming” is building “a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person,” someone does this in order to “manipulate, exploit and abuse” the child.

In this situation, these people are accusing James Charles of trying to get sexual photos from them knowing they were underage. Isaiyah had responded to James’s statement claiming that Charles didn’t care about his age just the pictures he wanted Isaiyah to send him.

James Charles questioned why the photos were taken from another device in the first place. He wrote, “It’s now clear, based on the video he uploaded, he was taking photos of me with another device, and had an ulterior motive from the beginning.” To which Isaiyah responded that Charles still in fact sent the photos and that’s the issue. Isaiyah noticed Charles continued to ask him to send him things and that’s what he wanted to get proof of, which was why he was taking the pictures.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time James Charles has been accused of this kind of behavior. Many people have taken to social media demanding something be done about this situation. Users commenting on the videos telling the alleged victims to go to the police. Charles denies the allegations but reiterating that going forward he will be making sure anyone he speaks to is of age to avoid situations like this.