Amanda Seyfried CALLS OUT Major Instagram Influencer

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Instagram catfights are usually pretty one-sided, but we’ve got a lot to unpack with Amanda’s calling out Arielle Charnas on Thursday.

The short version is that Amanda and an unnamed friend have hit Arielle for a bikini photo she posted with the caption “proud of my body after two kids.” Arielle has said that she’s being bullied by the two because she’s naturally skinny.


It might not seem so cut-and-dry at first, but the comment which Amanda published on her own Insta might change your mind.

Amanda’s friend wrote the original comment, which is pretty diplomatic overall, saying “Totally fine that you’re privileged and thin, good for you (I am too-ish!)” but goes on to argue that “if you don’t acknowledge how your wealth made your workouts/body possible, you’re just perpetuating the patriarchal (totally unrealistic) notion that mothers should “bounce back” after childbirth, an impossibility for anyone who can’t afford ample childcare (which is almost everyone in this country).”


Seyfried’s backup was a bit less direct. She said: “If we’re ready to get paid for flaunting our lifestyle (and inspiring some in the meantime) we have to be open to the discussions surrounding what we’re promoting.” She also pointed out that Charnas apparently blocked both her and her friend after they shared their thoughts with her.

Later that day, Amanda posted this follow-up picture with the caption “INFLUENCE = POWER,” a pretty compelling message in this day and age.

Others jumped on to criticize Arielle’s “tone-deaf” post.

“I’m also a size zero after two kids, but come on babe, this is genetics. Pls be proud but own your privilege,” one person wrote.

Another fan added, “I am NOT trying to skinny shame. However, this is so unrealistic for so many young girls and moms alike who are influenced by you. Especially the fact that you are advertising this as a post-childbirth body. This looks unsafe and unhealthy.”


Arielle bit back (in a since-expired Instagram Story) that she feels bullied and punished over something she can’t control, writing:

“Why am I being bullied for posting myself in a bathing suit? I should be punished because I’m thin and worked hard to be fit after giving birth to two kids? I’m not responsible for making people feel good about themselves. P.S yeah I have a nanny. I’m a working mother with two kids and proud of it and that is my business and nobody else’s. It also has absolutely nothing to do with my body and for random women to tell me I should be crediting them [the nannies] for my figure and my ‘excessive workouts’ is actually disgusting.”


What do you think of this situation? Is Arielle being harassed, or does she have a responsibility to not promote unrealistic standards of beauty? Let us know in the comments!

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