Amazon’s Response To Bernie Sanders Visit Creates Pro-Union Tweets

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Amazon is trending on Twitter due to the news of Bernie Sanders visiting Alabama Amazon workers with the intent of unionizing as well as the company’s response to the attempt at unionization and accusations of abusive working environments from former employees.

This prompted a large-scale response both from Sanders supporters and former Amazon employees, with the second confirming many of the issues people accused Amazon of doing. These responses eventually started trending under “Amazon Unions” in support of the idea of those working for the company unionizing. Many of the comments mention attempting to make Amazon Unions the number one trending thing on Twitter to get the news about Amazon’s mistreatment of its workers further into the general public and get more supporters.


The spotlight on Amazon’s working conditions started to brighten in the first quarantine months of the pandemic. Throughout that time, it was essential workers such as Amazon workers who were keeping large parts of America afloat. Yet, many of these essential workers were often treated poorly with Amazon employees getting the worst of it. Besides the inability to use the restroom, employees also were subject to constant camera surveillance in order to monitor their productivity in order to reach monstrously high standards and quick delivery schedules which would put drivers in danger. There are even workers  claiming to have caught Covid-19 due to the negligence of Amazon cleaning its workplace. 


The conflict has only intensified after Amazon hired a team of anti-union consultants, dubbed union busters, to stop the workers consolidating according to the Washington Post.

Tweeters are now talking about the union-busters themselves using comments far more negative.

Despite the immense backlash, Amazon hasn’t folded yet against the pressure. As the trend continues though and more voice their support for unionization, there might be some changes. 

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