#AmongUsWrapped Hashtag Brings Out the Best and Worst of Among Us from This Year

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Many social media users are reminiscing about Among Us due to a Twitter hashtag. The video game was a huge hit this year with 1.4 million players as of September. It was so massively popular in fact, that the game had to deal with a variety of server issues throughout its life, as the game was not optimized for the massive amount of support it got.

Among Us is best described as a social deduction game.  All players are assigned a role, crewmate or impostor.  The impostor’s job is to kill the crewmates without being caught, while the crewmate’s job is to perform all the tasks required on the spaceship so the crew can leave or figure out who the imposter is before the imposter kills the entire crew in trials similar to Town of Salem.  Although this game was initially released in 2018 by Inner Sloth, a huge surge in popularity occurred this past year.  Some think it’s likely due to the way it lends itself to virtual socialization.  2020 has caused us to be distant physically from our friends, but Among Us creates a virtual connection. Many players who owned the game would get on Discord and other communication apps to discuss the game, during one of the many lockdowns. This caused lots of steamers to begin playing the game for content. In addition to gaming-focused streamers, Among Us also pulled famous influencers like James Charles into the game. The lockdowns around the world narrowed a lot of other streamer’s abilities to do things like go outside, to bars, or other places for their streams, so Among Us becoming popular made it easier much easier for them to provide content for their viewers during the pandemic.

Sodapoppin, a video game streamer, began streaming the game back in July.  Things soon picked up with big names in the gaming world like PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye taking up the game.  However, new streamers were brought into the limelight due to this game.  One that stands out to many is Corpse, as he is an anonymous streamer with a very recognizable deep voice.  He started out doing horror narrations on YouTube but grew his platform to include gaming.  His persona has drawn many to follow his channel as no one truly knows who he is.

Even politicians got in on some gameplay. Representatives Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Ilhan Omar both participated in the game back in October. The stream was to encourage young voters to vote in the 2020 election.  A few famous streamers joined them like Corpse.  Their stream ended up garnering almost 500,000 viewers.  Recently, AOC participated in another Among Us stream which ended up raising $200,000 for COVID-19 relief.

The game was so popular this year that it actually led to the cancellation of its sequel.

InnerSloth had begun developing an Among Us 2 as of August 2020 to complement the original version this past year.  However, after the increase in popularity in the first game, the company decided to cancel the sequel and instead focus its efforts on bettering the original.


To celebrate the popularity of the game this year, social media users suggested an Among Us Wrapped, like Spotify’s. The official among us Twitter encouraged their followers to show off their game statistics for the past year which includes bodies reported, tasks completed, and so on.  Lots of Twitter users have been showing off their stats using the hashtag Among Us wrapped.

“Useless information: my girlfriend plays with me and when I’m impostor she helps me to win and i try to let her alive, and viceversa when she is impostor You should make a new mode to make sabotages but not kill for balance the detective mode.” One user tweeted.

“first one is from pc and the second one is on the phone! As an Impostor I have a 67.3% success rate which u kno what, i’ll take it As a crewmate it’s only like 53% success whoops,” another tweeted.

“Honestly, I love being a crewmate and fixing sabotages I don’t always die, but when I do, I die for the common good, like a true hero would.” Another user said.


The game continues to be popular with a consistently large fanbase and a healthy amount of streamers, who play the game almost every day.



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