Another White Woman Harassed People Who Were Speaking Spanish

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Seriously, this is getting reaaaaally old now. If you hadn’t guessed by the headline, ANOTHER woman started freaking out at family who weren’t speaking English. Do these women feel like they have some authority, just because they’re white? They clearly do, and apparently they also think that speaking a different language in the United States is illegal. It’s all just very silly and extremely petty, but unfortunately for the family, it’s gut-wrenching fear that many minorities face.

It’s such a shame that this has now become so common, that news like this doesn’t surprise anyone anymore. However, this lady really crossed the line. The family were eating out at a restaurant, minding their own business as normal people do, when this asshole overheard them speaking Spanish and decided to confront them. She started shouting at the family, demanding that they showed her their passports. I’m just as confused as you are by this point, but it gets worse…

As the lady became even more irritate, such began saying, “go back to your f***ing country…you do not f***ing come over here and freeload on America.” I can’t even begin to imagine how this family must have felt. It’s heartbreaking hearing about these stories, but it feels even worse when you know that nothing is ever done about it.

All the horrible woman had to do was leave – there was no arrests, no fines, no sentencing, just told to leave the restaurant. What about the family and how they feel? Is the 7-year-old kid sat with their family, scared that this is going to happen to them again? It’s not right that people should feel this way just because of one woman who feels like she’s entitled to authority just because she’s white.

Although, the restaurant, Andy’s, tried to do their part to make things better. Apart from asking the woman to leave, they shared a long post on Facebook, in which they finished by saying “You are not welcome.”


It’s just another incident that adds to the many other stories just like this one, and until anything is done about it, people need to keep talking and sharing incidents like this to make more people aware.

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