Ansel Elgort CANCELED over Sexual Assault Allegations

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Bad news to fans of The Fault in Our Stars or Baby Driver. Ansel Elgort is being canceled on Twitter for allegations of sexual misconduct and pedophilia. 

In a thread posted by @itsgabby on Twitter which has now been removed AAGabby recounted a story of her 17th birthday DM’ing Elgort and later being assaulted by the movie star, asked for a threesome, and objectified and told that she “would be a beautiful young lady”. At the time Elgort was in his 20’s.  As these allegations came to light Twitter added Ansel Elgort to the ever-growing list of men we cannot in good conscience *stan*. 

Most reactions were negative, some just had a little more fun with their disgust towards him. Including this amazing tweet by @sentient_dorito mocking one of the most iconic moments in The Fault In Our Stars Movie 

Here were some of the best reactions from Twitter.


Most people were really just utterly disappointed and upset that yet another person is being added to the ever goring club of famous men who take advantage of their positions of power.

There were of course those who are still choosing to continue to follow the movie star and attempt to justify his actions. But those tweets were so few and far between that we weren’t able to find the sources of any of them.


Ultimately we as a community cannot in good conscience support a celebrity who has been accused of sexual misconduct. How do you think this will affect the upcoming 2021 West Side Story Movie? Are you going to unfollow Ansel Elgort? Let us know in the comments.

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