Ariana Grande Claims Life Changed By Video of Sexy Voldermort Dancing to Her Music

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Ariana Grande’s year has been one of ups and downs. On the one hand, her latest album, Sweetner, has been such an obvious mega hit. On the other hand, the one two punch of her ex boyfriend Meek Mill’s sudden death and her break up with Pete Davidson has made this year one of struggle. I just want some joy to find her way into Ariana Grande’s life… and luckily, I think it has, after she posted the life changing video that is an individual dressed as Voldermort on Halloween stripping to Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” that Ariana Grande jokes… or should we say… “jokes”… changed her life forever. But look, whose life wouldn’t be changed by the presence of a sexy stripping Voldermort?

If there’s one thing that I am sure Potter could not deal with, it is the sight of this glorious sense of self confidence that this glowing dark wizard has. Ariana Grande has had a bad year, but Halloween is always glorious, and it’s nice to see that her music has had such an inspiring influence on so many fantastic weirdos. Wonderful. Good work Grande!

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