Ariana Grande Eulogizes Mac Miller With Instagram Post and Video

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Mac Miller’s tragic death from a drug overdose shook the world of entertainment last month. Many gave their love to the family and to the star, from the likes of Chance the Rapper to Childish Gambino who remembered the rapper for his beauty, his kindness, and for the tragedy of his death. One voice fans wanted to see, rather rudely, was that of Ariana Grande, the ex girlfriend of the rapper. Some more toxic fans even went as far as to blame her for his death, although I have to make clear that is absolutely not the case.

Ariana Grande, after an Instagram post with a black and white photo of Mac Miller, posted a video of her eating with her ex boyfriend. In the video we see Mac Miller laughing, being sweet and being the genuinely beautiful human being who will be missed. The Instagram came with this caption:

“i adored you from the day i met you when i was nineteen and i always will. i can’t believe you aren’t here anymore. i really can’t wrap my head around it. we talked about this. so many times. i’m so mad, i’m so sad i don’t know what to do. you were my dearest friend. for so long. above anything else. i’m so sorry i couldn’t fix or take your pain away. i really wanted to. the kindest, sweetest soul with demons he never deserved. i hope you’re okay now. rest.”

Ariana Grande’s statement is beautiful and honest. She speaks from the heart, directly to Miller, and apologizes for not doing more, as if there is anything concrete anyone can do when faced with an illness as devastating as drug addition. her pain is felt, and it speaks to the pain of anyone who has had to endure the grief of such a tragedy.

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