Artists Imagine Selves As Spider-Men With #Spidersona Hashtag, Inspired By “Into the Spider-Verse”

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Artists are taking to the internet after the latest Spider-Man movie.

You know, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, the movie that ends with Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man, for movie going audiences the first black and Hispanic Spider-Man, after his harrowing adventure with the likes of the incredible Spider-Ham, the gothic Spider-Man Noir, the manga influenced Gerard Way created SP//Dr, Spider-Gwen (aka Spider-Woman), and Peter P. Parker, the slob Spider-Man from the dimension where he didn’t want to have kids with Mary Jane Watson, lying in bed and thinking about the ramifications of his role. The movie’s moral is this: anyone ca be behind the mask.

If you believe in helping those who need help, if you believe in rising to the occasion, then you can be Spider-Man. It’s the one thing that the six (technically seven… hell, nine if you want to get right down to it) Spider-Men have in common.

And it’s a message that spread amongst the Spider-Faithfuls who drew and designed their own Spider-Man outfits, adorned with the #Spidersona hashtag.

The #Spidersona essentially imagined what the artist would look like as one of the characters in the Spiderverse.

The idea kind of reminds me of one of the panels from Grant Morrison’s excellent All-Star Superman, which ends with Superman created our dimension to see what happens when a world doesn’t have his presence. To his surprise, the world creates an image of him, again and again, until it finally forms the one familiar to us all from the pencil of Joe Shuster and the mind of Jerry Siegel.

As Stan Lee said in the movie, the costume fits everyone eventually. Here our some of our favorite designs from the hashtag.



Even professional comic book artist, Babs Tarr, got in on the fun. Check out the #Spidersona hashtag for more!

What do you think of the hashtag? Do you have a favorite Spidersona? Did you make one yourself? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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