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Kim Jong-Un Delighted by Lube, Becomes Meme

The North Korean dictator recently toured the facilities of Chonji Lubricant Factory, appearing jovial. A photo of the event has since become fodder for a pretty awesome Photoshop Battle over on Reddit.


Olivia Wilde Breastfeeds in Photos for Glamour

The actress and mother makes a bold statement about society’s treatment of motherhood and the female form in a photo shoot for the September issue of Glamour magazine.


DMX Loses His Mind on Amusement Park Ride: The Remix

Earlier this morning, TMZ uploaded this glorious video of DMX screaming his head off while riding the Slingshot ride at Magical Midway amusement park in Orlando, FL. That glorious video now has a glorious remix.


6 Things Guaranteed to Make You Scream Internally

There is no shortage of things in this world that’ll make you want to scream. But successful navigation of the adult world often requires the ability to keep a solid poker face. Hence, we scream internally.