The ABCs of Dance Is An Amazing Compilation

  • A-Z of Dance


    i-D paired up with Jogg Jeans to create a fun dance video showcasing different dance styles.

    As a dancer, I love any video that brings dance to the public, and this video is great because it’s beautifully shot and the dancers are so talented. However, I do feel as though they left out some major styles in an effort to show more rare ones. I have no problem with showing smaller genres of dance. I think that’s great, exposing more people to them, but large genres like jazz, contemporary, and tap were overlooked to make room for things like finger tutting. I also found it a bit strange that most of the things that made the list are dance genres or styles, but then occasionally there are some dance steps thrown in there like arabesque and grand Jeté.

    Despite the strange choices of some of the styles, this video is gorgeous and entertaining. I love the concept of the alphabet as explained by dance styles. Another thing the video does well is that it even has comical elements like the usage of O as OMG and Q as a question mark for strange dancing. You go, i-D and Jogg Jeans! I would love to see more dance videos like this that can capture attention from all types of people.