TikTok User Tabitha Brown Says Going Vegan SAVED Her Life!

But her carrot bacon...

So a Vegan mom is taking OVER the internet as we speak! Tiffany Brown has been mesmerizing audiences with her carrot bacon recipe and more on TikTok. Vegan TikTok star and actor named Tabitha Brown, whose carrot ‘bacon’ recipe went viral, signed with a talent agency recently after her internet cooking videos took the internet by storm.Brown, actually cut out animal-products out of her diet to tackle her chronic pain after watching pro-vegan documentary What The Health, announced the news on Instagram – where she now has more than two million followers. But how could you not follow her with that warm and soothing voice of hers?Brown’s carrot ‘bacon’ recipe has now received 13.1 million views, attracted 2.7 million likes, and has more than 16,000 comments at the time of writing. Even Kiki Palmer is a stan!  Most teens end up following her, and the recipe was well-received on social media, with one fan saying it ‘belongs in the Louvre’ – while another added: “I’ve seen a lot of things in my life, but carrot bacon, I’ve never seen. I might try.”

Brown is 41 years old and made a video on why SHE believes she went viral in the first place.  She actually thought only white people were Vegan.  As she says, Brown grew up in the south and ate nearly anything and everything that was in front of her! She says she would have eaten squirrel, turtle… opossum… When Tabitha was sick, she says she was sick for nearly two years with head pains and and in the back of the neck with chronic pain that hurt her vision and even reproductive organs. 

Her daughter was the one who recommended her to watch the documentary about vegan health, and Tabitha had a change of heart. She had dried all of the drugs across the board and decided why not give veganism a try? After day ten, she actually said she started to feel like herself again. 

Since then she has been traveling to find the best vegan stops around her area. Most importantly, she doesn’t want people to be hard on themselves because it took here a long time to get where she is at. One day she just stopped by a whole foods, uploaded a quick video online, and there it was! She said she never had a dream to be a social media star.  Some of her advice is to not force your vegan diet on others. You can be against it, but don’t judge! She even says going vegan isn’t as expensive as it seems!

She even admits that even though it worked for her, she doesn’t truly know if it would help for everyone. But people who follow her have seen chronic illnesses like diabetes and more simply disappear.