Banksy Caught on Camera!

  • CCTV captures Banksy dressed as workman

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    A lot of intrigue has always followed the famous street artist, Banksy, who keeps his face and identity a secret. So, even though his face isn’t visible in the footage, CCTV capturing Banksy and his accomplice dressed as workmen to install the art has cultivated some excitement.

    Not only is Banksy on camera, but the art work he created wasn’t up for long before it was unscrewed from the wall. Many people of Bristol were very upset that the public art had been removed. Little did they know, it wasn’t taken down by police or the city, a man stole it, hoping to sell viewings and ultimately the piece itself and use the money to save the Bistol Plains Boys Club. Ironic isn’t it? This man hopes to save an institution who’s hope is to keep kids from doing things like stealing by taking a piece of artwork from the street and planning to sell it. Weird… Check it out and let us know what you think about all of this!