Is This Redditor A Secret X-Man?

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    Is this Redditor a secret X-man? Whenever he scratches his skin, the area swells into whatever pattern he wants. He recorded a video of it for the subreddit r/videos.

    “I thought you might be interested in seeing what happens when I scratch my skin,” he wrote. “I haven’t met anyone else who has skin that does this.”

    Redditors quickly diagnosed him with Dermatographic urticaria, which makes skin very sensitive and itchy and can be tamed with an antihistamine.

    “It’s mostly all fun, and so I tend to get carried away with it. I draw things all over my skin, making intricate designs, etc. The problem is that the design stays there for a few hours, and so you carry those designs around like a swelling tattoo,” he wrote. “People judge.”

    Sounds just like an X-man!