15 Year Olds Party HARD! in Controversial Clip

  • “Kiara’s 15th Birthday Party”

    Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    We don’t know much about what went down at Kiara’s 15th birthday party except that it was SUPER-inappropriate. Footage purportedly shot and edited by an outfit called “Tyler Stanger Videography” and posted to YouTube, LiveLeak and elsewhere, appears to show the teenaged party guests drinking and smoking pot (or possibly cigars) while strip-dancing to the strains of DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What.”

    Thus far, YouTube commenters – and the Internet in general – has responded with the standard cocktail of outrage and disgust. HyperShot12 in the comments seems to speak for the multitudes when he says: “I can just feel my faith in humanity slowly draining out of me.”

    But before you completely despair for the younger generation, consider that this all might be a hoax, or at least misleading. A Google search for “Tyler Stanger Videography” produces no meaningful results. The YouTube channel on which the video is posted has only one video – Kiara’s! – and zero activity before the day it went up. No information in the video identifies anyone as actually being 15 – that’s purely based on a title and description which could have been added at any time.

    So the verdict’s out about whether this is evidence of some depraved real-life “Project X” or just some video of perfectly acceptable adult partying. Or if it’s just fake. Regardless, it was cruel of them not to invite Corey Worthington. HIS GLASSES ARE FAMOUS!