Not Used To Wearing Sunscreen? Well, You Should Probably Start

  • How the sun sees you

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    Still wondering whether or not sunscreen is effective, or whether companies are just trying to sell you on SPF? Well, this video might give you some pretty good insight. This video shows the difference in the state of your skin when shooting on a regular camera, which is what the naked eye sees. And the stark differences when shot on a UV camera, or what the sun sees. Well, what the sun is looking at might not be so pretty as it shows sun damage within your skin before it reaches the surface.

    The video also shows a few people with relatively healthy skin, which doesn’t change too much when shown on the UV camera. To prove there were no camera gimmicks, they found just about the freshest, healthiest skin you could find. Baby skin!

    Then, we get to see how effective sunscreen is by seeing just how much UV is being blocked, or turns black on the UV cam.

  • Sunscreen Works, If You Use it Right

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    But, sunscreen is only effective if you apply it correctly! Healthcare Triage is here to help explain how sunscreen works, and the most effective way to apply sunscreen.

    Enjoy your last few weeks of summer, and protect your skin!