A 10 Month Welcome Into The Mystery Guitar Family

  • Pregnancy Timelapse – Stop Motion Animation

    Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    YouTube’s stop motion mastermind Joe Penna, otherwise known as Mystery Guitar Man and his wife Sarah welcomed their baby boy into the world with some creativity! This stop motion video took the couple ten months to make, and it is ADORABLE. We wonder how jealous their little pup, Eddie, will be of his new baby brother!

    Congratulations to our friends Joe and Sarah, we know it was a long road here! For those who don’t follow the couple or are just opposed to finishing YouTube videos, baby Jonah was actually 12 past due! He just wanted some more alone time with his mom!

  • “The 9 Month Vine” by @origiful & @artiste 🙂

    Source: vine.co / Via: vine.co

    Not too long ago, this 9 month vine went viral. We wonder who will have the next epic stop motion baby reveal! Is that a thing now? Let’s make that a thing.