Scammed Actors Respond to ‘Drunk Girl’ Video [UPDATED]

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    We caught you up last week on the “Drunk Girl In Public” video and how it was a big fat fake. To recap, two guys named Stephen Zhang and Seth Leach approached men in Hollywood about being in a short student film. They were to attempt to “help” actress Jennifer Box, who was acting drunk, and try to get her to come back to their homes. They never signed release forms, though they did agree on camera to appearing in the film.

    They had no idea it would be edited to make them look as if they were really taking advantage of a drunk woman, and they’re very upset. Inside Edition interviewed several of the men, and here are their thoughts.

    “I was pretty shocked. I didn’t expect to look like a sexual predator. I was just acting, so I didn’t expect it at all.”

    “They never said that they were gonna not say that it wasn’t fake.”

    “I certainly did take in a lot of dirty looks from people that see me every day that totally believed it.”

    “I can’t get mad at the average person because they didn’t know the situation that was going on….What I can say is the filmmakers and the people who actually make it have to be more responsible and convey that message.”

    Zhang and Leach’s channel has not been updated since it came out that the video was fake. The original “Drunk Girl In public” video has over 11 million views and remains live on YouTube.

    UPDATE: The “drunk girl” in question, Jennifer Box, has taken to her own YouTube channel to apologize for her participation and say she never would have agreed to be in the video had she known its creators’ true intentions.

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