Is This A Marketing Campaign, Or Just A Nice Guy?

  • Random Acts of Pasta

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    It looks like a new video has the internet torn on its integrity. This video is currently sitting at the top of Reddit’s /r/videos right now, but no one can tell whether or not this video is worth getting the warm and fuzzies over. Both Redditors and YouTube commenters have been going back in forth on each site picking apart this video.

    First, those watching the video aren’t convinced that someone would just record themselves receiving a random package from UPS, or film such clear shots of Olive Garden’s website. Another thing that irks everyone watch the video (even myself) is that the guy in this video, doesn’t just tell the homeless people that he’s giving food to that he has food, he explicitly tells them that he’s brought them Olive Garden every time without fail. The last thing that everyone’s been pointing out, is that he directly thanks Olive Garden at the end of the video.

    So, what do you think? Is this video too good to be true, or are these really genuine acts of kindness? Either way, we’re glad that some of those less fortunate had something to eat this holiday season.