The Most Pretentious Organist…And Probably Musician Ever

  • Cameron Carpenter – Cameron Carpenter – Birth of the International Touring Organ

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    I mean, the first few seconds of this video along with the thumbnail is probably all you need to see to make your conclusions about this video. It’s like when you have a nightmare and you can’t remember it the next day…now that this video exists, I’ll remember every nightmare I’ve ever had for the rest of my life. I’m actually surprised that there aren’t two holes in my monitor from his eyes trying to burn their way into my soul.

    This video’s build up of this supposed musical genius is the most confusing, cringe-worthy video I’ve ever seen. Also, his sunglasses are the kind of sunglasses who only need to be worn by one Scott Summers. I don’t know what Sony Classical was aiming for with this video, but the whole thing is just really uncomfortable.

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