Dude Puts Roofies in Girls’ Drinks for “Social Experiment”

  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • Hey dudes, let’s rap for a sec. Just a quick convo about some serious stuff, and then we can all go back to slamming brew and macking on fine honeys. You bros know about roofies? Date rape drugs that can be tossed into someone’s drink to take advantage of them? Well, YouTuber Joey Salad is here to tell you: that’s not cool.

    In this “social experiment” video, Joey goes around bars tossing fake roofies into women’s drinks. It’s actually terrifying how easily he is able to slip the drugs into cups when the women aren’t looking. One quick glance away from the bar is all it takes. Joey successfully pulls this trick on multiple women, before quickly warning them, “don’t drink that.”

    “Why?” They understandably ask.

    “I was able to slip a drug in your drink,” Joey replies.

    He quickly explains that it’s fake, he was only pretending to roofie them. He then points to the cameras and crows about his social experiment. He even asks one girl for her number after his “trick”. (She turns him down.)

    So now you know, dudes. Date rape = bad.