Skydiver Drops GoPro, Which Survives 3000m Plummet to Earth

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    A skydiver accidentally dropped his GoPro camera in the middle of a jump, and the memory card survived – capturing the camera’s somewhat terrifying 3000 meter death spiral to the ground.

    The video from April, which is making the rounds on Reddit today, starts out normally enough as a group of skydivers jump out of a plane, one of them with the GoPro on his helmet, and start to link up for a formation dive. Kinda cool and kinda scary, if heights and falling is something that wigs you out. But then the camera is knocked loose and tumbles toward the ground, and the footage might make your life flash before your eyes.

    A helpful guy called Kristoffer Örstadius posted the video to YouTube, saying, “My dad, a mycologist, found an GoPro camera in Gringelstad outside Kristianstad. He found it on the ground in a forest. The memory card was intact – and this is the last film. Are you the right skydiver? Please let me know so we can send you the camera and the memory card.”

    Not long after, the owner was found and the camera returned – but the video went on to rack up three million views.