Russian Helicopter Cruises Ukraine Highway

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    Here’s a Russian military helicopter cruising low over a highway in Ukraine, set to “Riders on the Storm” by the Doors feat. Snoop Dogg. That’s all. I mean, what else do you need?

    But if you INSIST on having context (god, do you think it’s my job to do research on this stuff or something?), apparently a motorist in the Ukraine randomly caught this dashboard camera footage of an Mi-8 helicopter flying just a few meters over his car, following the highway and not even trying to gain altitude.

    The driver sped up to 200kph and followed the chopper along the Pavlograd-Dnepropetrovsk road for more than four minutes before it finally peeled away and flew over the fields.

    Local news reports say it was a medical helicopter of the Ukraine armed forces and may have been doing drills in preparation for the nation’s Independence Day Parade coming up on August 24.