Uber Meets Tinder with New (Fake) UnDer App

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    Let’s face it, this is probably where app development is headed.

    Barely Productions’ latest spoof commercial is for UnDer, a cross between Uber and Tinder, where you send for a ride and “swipe right” if the driver is someone you might want to hook up with.

    If you’re lucky, the trip to wherever you’re going will include a complete date from the front seat of a car you don’t own, including wine (please don’t actually do this while driving), awkward small talk like “Do you like music?” and even awkwarder sex (maybe don’t do this while driving either).

    This video was posted four days ago and already has six million views, so at least some viewers are wishing this was a real thing.