Canada Goose Follows Truck Home

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    Usually when there’s a viral story about a Canada goose following someone, you know what’s about to happen: someone’s gonna lose an eye or get their ankles pecked off, because geese can be complete assholes. So I was startled to discover that this video sitting at #1 on Reddit today is actually about a lost goose turning to a man in a pickup truck for help.

    The goose seemed to have lost its way on a gravel road in Alberta, Canada and started following the man’s vehicle. When the driver got out, the bird not only didn’t attack but let him approach and pet it. Then he drove off, and the goose flew right behind him, riding the truck’s air drafts as if it was the lead bird in a migrating V-formation.

    The driver was careful not to hit the goose and led it to Shiningbank Lake, where it seemed much happier.