Video of Old Man Meeting His Wife At the Airport is Romantic, Kinda Creepy

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  • This video of a romantic old man waiting for his wife at the airport armed with roses is really sweet — until it occurs to you that someone secretly filmed the couple without permission.

    The video is going viral across social media and getting attention from press outlets like the Daily Mail, who are eager to find out the identity of the couple. But as the top comment on Reddit points out, “As adorable as this is, it’s a little creepy to secretly record people’s emotional interactions, and then post them on the internet.”

    “Really is getting old,” someone else commented. “I know this girl had the best intentions but we need to start teaching more respect/courtesy. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve seen people film others secretly when something embarrassing/cute/stupid is happening.”

    Let’s hope that if the elderly couple finds out about the video, they think it’s as sweet as the internet does. Otherwise they could be really uneasy about this invasion of their privacy, even if they were filmed in a public place.