Terrible Mother Goes Viral for Stealing All the Halloween Candy

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    If you haven’t had a chance to feel your inner ten-year-old black out with rage lately, watch this astonishing surveillance camera footage of a grown woman literally stealing candy from children on Halloween.

    YouTube user InternetLasers explains, “Away from home, we left full candy bars outside with a note: ‘Help yourself but be considerate!’ How much is considerate? We let them decide.”

    Throughout the night, kid after kid comes by, sees they’ve struck the Halloween jackpot, and does the responsible thing by taking just one or two candy bars. There’s one older boy who takes four or five, which is pushing it, but forgivable.

    And then a mother dressed up in a bunny costume, straight up trick-or-treating along with her three kids, cleans out the entire stock of candy bars. Not only does she encourage her kids to grab handfuls, she fills her own bucket to the brim and leaves nothing but empty boxes behind.

    And now the video has gone viral with more than two million views, and the woman couldn’t possibly look worse. Can’t say I feel the least bit sorry for her.

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