Ronda Rousey Knockout Shocks the Internet

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    If there’s one thing the internet loves more than winners, it’s winners who get cocky and then unexpectedly get the crap beaten out of them.

    If you were anywhere near an internet connection last night, you’ll know that UFC fighter Ronda Rousey’s winning streak got shattered when Holly Holm knocked her out with a kick to the head. From ESPN:

    Former world boxing champion Holly Holm (10-0) scored the biggest upset in the sport’s history Sunday, knocking out Rousey (12-1) with a left head kick in the second round to claim the bantamweight championship fight at UFC 193 at Etihad Stadium. […]

    The shocking result came 59 seconds into the second round, after Rousey already had been stunned several times by Holm’s left hands. After Rousey ducked in desperately for a clinch, Holm broke off at an angle and landed a clean left head kick to the jawline that rendered Rousey unconscious. Referee Herb Dean stepped in immediately, as Rousey fell limp, arms extended, to the canvas.

    A day later, social media can’t get enough of pointing out all the times Rousey has declared herself unbeatable in the last few weeks – including Donald Trump, who doesn’t think she’s a nice person, and Lady Gaga, who was miffed that Rousey refused to tap gloves with Holm before the match.

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    No doubt you’ve seen the knockout moment in GIF form all over the place – and the UFC would really rather you didn’t. Rousey’s fights are often so short that you can fit the whole thing into a GIF, Vine or Twitter video, and that means you don’t really need to give money to PayPerView to see it. The UFC’s been trying to crack down on it, but I don’t see how they could enforce it.