Watch These Monkeys Steal from Tourists and Barter for Food

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  • Some animal species are getting unnervingly good at exploiting humans for their own gain.

    In a clip from the BBC2 show “World’s Sneakiest Animals,” host Chris Packham goes undercover among the tourists around the Uluwatu Temple in Bali to watch a pack of macaque monkeys steal things from unsuspecting humans – flip flips, sunglasses, even iPhones.

    “The interesting thing is, though, they’re taking all of this stuff which is valuable to us humans, but they’re not taking any food,” he says.

    As Packham demonstrates, most of the monkeys will give you your belongings back if you give them food – but only the good stuff.

    Our host Jay Walker has more on people’s responses to these sneaky critters, including some priceless reviews about the tourist spot on Trip Advisor:

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