Watch This Scientist Risk His Life For This Awesome Experiment

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  • NRK Viten, a Norweigan public broadcasting company, posted this video of a scientist firing a weapon underwater, AT HIMSELF! The suspenseful video shows physicist, Andreas Wahl, submerged in a pool with a weapon facing him. We then see the bullet fired and both the viewer and Wahl are both not completely sure what is about to happen.

    The bullet fires towards him and then sinks to the bottom of the pool, bouncing on the floor as it lands. Wahl is clearly excited that his experiment worked, first letting out a sigh of relief and then splashing and shouting after seeing the bullet hit the pool floor.

    According to their YouTube channel, the purpose of the experiment was to show the difference in resistance between air and water molecules. Wahl risked his life to show that movement is harder to create in water than in air, and thankfully he was right! NRK Viten has been releasing this “Life On The Line” series of awesome (and potentially fatal) science experiments.

  • To see more videos like this, check out their YouTube channel here. Don’t try any of these at home, folks!