Pro-Skier Films 360° Video By Swinging iPhone Above His Head

  • Pro-skier Nicolas Vuignier used only his iPhone 6 to film this amazing panoramic video.

    After two years of filming and tweaking, he was able to capture an awesome 360° view of him hitting the slopes. By tying strings to his iPhone and swinging it above his head, Vuignier catches his tricks, jumps, and grinds flawlessly.

    It’s amazing that he captured such a clear and dynamic video by just using his iPhone and some strings. He doesn’t even seem to be affected by holding his contraption as he effortlessly skis through the near three minute video. What’s more incredible is that his phone wasn’t damaged at all!

  • Centriphone
  • We don’t really understand how it was possible, but it’s still inspiring to watch. Check out Nicolas Vuignier’s YouTube channel for more videos and stay tuned for a behind the scenes of this experiment.