Broncos Fan Spends $21,000 On Super Bowl Tickets Without Telling His Wife

  • NBC Bay Area chatted with this Broncos fan at the airport before the big game.

    Justin Kerrigan paid $21,000 on four tickets to Super Bowl 50 and anticipated to spend a total of $30,000 for the whole trip. The best part: he didn’t consult his wife before buying the tickets. After the shocked reporter questions him further about the price of the tickets, Kerrigan says “don’t tell my wife.”

    When the reporter asks what he’ll do if the Broncos lose, Kerrigan confidently says they won’t. Thankfully he was right about that and the Broncos even appreciated his confidence.

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  • Well, now there’s no way he can still hide this from his wife!

    Our host Jay Walker has more:

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