Skiers Film Surprise Encounter With Snow Leopard

  • A group of skiers in India got more than they paid for on their trip to Gulmarg. While being led by a guide, the group seems to be enjoying skiing the mountain. The footage was filmed from the point of view of the last skier in the group and we can see the beautiful snow and awesome skiing being done by the tourists.

    The group then is completely surprised by a snow leopard laying a few feet from them. While one of the skiers is extremely frightened by the leopard, the others try to remain calm and stay out of its way. They stay still (besides taking a few photos) until the leopard suddenly gets up and runs away.

    While it was clearly a very frightening moment, the skiers must have been psyched to see the beautiful endangered leopard. The footage was taken in Kashmir on a ski trip hosted by Bill’s Trips, a tour group which provides unforgettable ski trips at the popular ski destination. We can only assume seeing the leopard made the trip even more incredible!