25,000 LED Roses Lit Up Hong Kong For Valentine’s Day

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    Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

  • As part of their world tour, the Seoul originated Light Rose Garden took its first stop in Hong Kong for Valentine’s Day. From the 14th through the 22nd, visitors can see the LED light installation in Hong Kong’s Central and Western District Promenade.

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    Source: hypebeast.com

  • The garden is made up of 25,000 white LED roses. The roses are all waterproof, and offer a beautiful addition to the already charming city. The Telegraph quotes the rose garden organizer, Jung Yong Jin, on his purpose for the installation:

    I created this LED rose garden because I wanted families, friends and lovers to come out to parks at night.

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    Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

  • The roses look amazing, especially with Hong Kong as a backdrop. With something this romantic, we’re guessing the park was incredibly crowded on Valentine’s Day.