How to Make a Bow and Arrow Completely From Scratch

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  • We’ve seen the Australian guy behind the Primitive Technology YouTube channel build a tiled-roof hut completely out of wood and mud. Since then he’s been busy trying other projects, like making charcoal, baskets, a hatchet and a sling completely out of raw materials.

    Now he’s made a functioning bow and arrows out of a sapling, thin sticks, and rope made out of bark, using tools of stone and wood. The six-minute video shows how he meticulously splits branches with a stone wedge, tears off strips of bark to weave into a bowstring, and fashioning a makeshift quiver.

    The last two minutes is just a bunch of target practice, and he’s pretty good at it. Don’t worry, no small animals died. (That we know of – there was a shot of a wild turkey that cut rather abruptly to a shot of tail feathers he was using for the ends of the arrows.)

    He goes into further detail on his Primitive Technology blog, just in case you want to try this stuff yourself.

    “It should be noted that I don’t live in the wild but just practice this as a hobby,” he says. “I live in a modern house and eat modern food. I just like to see how people in ancient times built and made things. It is a good hobby that keeps you fit and doesn’t cost anything apart from time and effort.”