The Pregnant Pole Dancer: “We All Want to Feel Sexy”

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  • Jill McLean is a 36-year-old Australian exotic dancer who recently gave birth to a baby boy — but she wasn’t going to let that major life change stop her career.

    McLean aka “Cleo the Hurricane” has worked hard making a career for herself as a professional pole dancer, and she loves the way it makes her feel.

    “Pole Dancing has brought to me so MUCH, I mean if you’re a pole dancer you know exactly what I’m talking about,” she wrote in her blog. “The freedom, strength in my body and mind, the confidence, feeling feminine, feeling sexy and, of course, feeling EMPOWERED. I love the heels, skimpy outfits that used to scare me when I first started, the sensual movements, the athleticism… everything about it!”

    So when her pregnancy hindered her sex life with her husband and made her gain 50 pounds, she decided she didn’t want to hang up her heels. Instead, she boosted her confidence by putting on her dance outfits and posing for sexy pregnancy pictures every month. She also filmed this dance routine which is getting a lot of attention on Facebook.

    Cleo explained that she made this choice and feels good about herself in spite of the negative comments she often gets online.

    “I am not going to write a speech justifying what I do, as a pole dancer and now as a soon-to-be-mother. But I will say this… As women we all want to feel sexy, this is how I feel sexy… YES.. dressing up as a cop in 8″ heels and posing for a picture, or doing the splits. YES… girls ALSO just wanna have fun! Well, I certainly do! This is how I express myself and I’m sure my son is gonna think his mum rocks when we bring out these pics on his 21st birthday! My husband also thinks I’m pretty cool!”