Mom Gets the Last Laugh With Son’s Cardboard Cutout

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  • While Reddit user EverythingFerns was studying abroad, he decided to be cute and send his mother a life-sized cardboard cutout of himself, just so she wouldn’t miss him.

    Well, two can play at this game — and I’d say his mother won hands-down.

    Soon he began receiving pictures of his cardboard self enjoying a nice life at home: celebrating a Valentine’s Day date with a My Size Barbie, reading a Dr. Seuss bedtime story, playing in the park with his dog, even going to the doctor’s office and celebrating Thanksgiving with his family.

    This is the kind of thing that delights Reddit, so his mom is getting a lot of credit for her creativity and sense of humor.

    FYI, if you’re wondering where you’ve seen this guy before, you may have seen his viral “When Life Gives You Lemons” video:

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