Guy Builds Life-Sized AT-ST from Star Wars, Because He Can

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  • You have to admire someone who is such a big Star Wars fan that he thought he’d like a life-sized model of a AT-ST walker in his backyard — and then went ahead and built one out of scrap metal, complete with moving parts, laser sound effects and a tricked-out cockpit.

    Andrew Hawkins over at The Verge geeked the hell out over this and had to find out everything he could about it, and it turns out it’s just as cool on the inside:

    [The builder] mostly pulled specs for the AT-ST from the internet, which is kind of amazing when you think about it. There’s a ladder in the back that leads up to the fully tricked out cockpit. Directly above the entry port are two solar panels that power the chin and side laser cannons. The cockpit is a treasure trove of circuit boards and random gadgetry, like a Mid-Tech Legacy 6000. With the eye-port shutters closed, red light bulbs are turned on to cast an eerie glow.

    The model is specifically a replica of the AT-ST Chewbacca hijacked during the Battle of Endor — right down to a blast mark on its hull — and includes other clever touches like an Imperial propaganda poster and a lightsaber next to an emergency stop button.