Slow-Motion Flamethrower is Just As Awesome As It Sounds

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  • The only thing cooler than the Slow Mo Guys playing with giant water balloons is the Slow Mo Guys playing with fire. And now they’ve got their hands on a freaking flamethrower.

    Once again, internet, don’t try this at home.

    Dan got to have all the fun in this video for once, suiting up in protective gear and loading up the X Matter flamethrower with diesel before firing plumes of flame 50 feet into the air, while Gav filmed everything in 4K slow motion.

    The result is mesmerizing — particularly the part where Gav filmed staring down the barrel of the flamethrower (from a safe distance of course) and captured a shot of a ball of fire heading straight for his face. It’s like the last thing the hero of a really artsy action film sees before he’s incinerated by a flamethrower-wielding villain.

    How much longer before the Slow Mo Guys get some explosives and blow up an abandoned building in slow motion?