How One Guy Hacked His Way To The Top of OKCupid

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  • Chris McKinlay had hit rock bottom. Living out of a cubicle while attending school, he spent a great deal of time on OKCupid and discovered by running several algorithms he could jettison himself to the top of women’s matched lists.

    While bordering on ethical, McKinlay went on dates with 88 women before meeting the girl of his dreams, who let him in on what his experience with the dating site really meant.

    McKinlay had unknowingly stumbled on what it was like to be a woman on OKCupid, receiving multiple unsolicited messages, and even going on dozens of meaningless dates in order to weed out those who didn’t meet his needs in a relationship.

    Luckily, McKinlay found his match. It only took hacking the system and using high level math to do so!