Hero Dog Saves Little Girl from Five Miles Away!

  • Hero
  • 4-year-old Sadie has both Type one diabetes and Down Syndrome. It’s incredibly difficult for her parents to keep her blood sugar stable.

    So her parents invested in a very special Labrador named Hero, a trained diabetic alert dog, who can sense when Sadie’s blood sugars are too low or too high and alert her parents when it happens.

    When her sugar drops, Hero begins to whine and use his nose or paw to hit Sadie’s parents’ left hands. If it’s too high, he alerts them on the right hand. It’s pretty incredible, but not as incredible as what happened this past December.

    Sadie was attending school more than five miles away when he began to go crazy, signalling the little girl’s blood sugar had dropped. Her mother called the school and sure enough Sadie’s blood levels had dropped from a healthy 122 to a dangerous 82.

    Sadie’s mother explained, “The lows are more dangerous immediately, (with) lows, she could go into a diabetic coma right away, and she could die, if we kept her low too long.”

    Everyone was stunned. Hero had managed to detect the drop from miles away and save Sadie. What a good dog!