Vietnamese Hip Hip Queen Raps with President Obama!

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  • President Obama did a little beatboxing with Vietnam’s “Queen of Hip Hop,” Suboi.

    The artist was recognized for her eagerness when searching for another question to answer. During a discussion on free speech, Suboi let slip that she is a rap artist, and President Obama was eager to hear her work.

    Opting to rap a verse in her own language, she explained to President Obama afterwards that her verse was about “some people having a lot of money and big houses, but are they really happy,” and added the issues she’s faced as a female performer. President Obama mentioned that sexism in music is something that happens in the US as well.

    This isn’t the first time Suboi has spoken publicly about the massive restrictions faced by artists in Vietnam. In a recent interview, she discussed the many issues Vietnamese artists face when trying to get their work released nationally.

    “If I want to release songs nationwide I have to go through censorship – the songs must be approved by the ministry of culture,” she said. “If lyrics are not in Vietnamese, they have to be translated. I’ve been warned about what would not be ‘appropriate’ when I first started so I wrote my lyrics within the limit.”

    Hopefully, her recent discussion with the President has opened up some leeway for herself and her fellow artists.