Little Kid Captains Boat Through Massive Storm!

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  • This little tyke does an admirable job of piloting his own boat through a massive storm!

    Transferred from the playground to the perfect storm, Action Movie Kid, is back with an even better effects video than ever. For the unknowing, Action Movie Kid is the spawn of Dreamworks Animator Daniel Hashimoto. The Los Angeles based animator started creating videos of his son utilizing special effects roughly a year ago and has been producing videos fairly regularly ever since.

    Hashimoto also has a second channel, Action Movie Dad, where he educates upcoming effects artists like himself on all the effects and tools used to create his magical videos. You can actually check out the behind the scenes on the video above.

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  • In an interview, Action Movie Dad said “It’s humbling and I’m excited that a little hobby I have is enjoyable to other people.”

    Enjoyable indeed! Hashimoto uses Adobe After Effects “plus a few third party plugins” to create his masterworks. You can check out all of Action Movie Kid on his channel here, and the behind-the-scenes videos here.