Watch Casey Neistat Wakeboard Through Amsterdam in a Tux

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  • The last time we checked in with YouTube stunt master Casey Neistat, he was taking advantage of a New York blizzard to go snowboarding through the streets of Manhattan, to the resigned amusement of the NYPD.

    With his latest stunt, he decided to class things up a bit, international-man-of-mystery style, by taking a tour through the canals of Amsterdam, on a wakeboard, wearing a tuxedo. He teamed up with the TNW Conference to pull it off.

    We have to say he looks quite dapper as he slices through the (freezing cold, litter-filled) water of Amsterdam. We also have to point out that this activity would normally be illegal and shouldn’t be attempted by amateurs, especially if they’ve been smoking stuff.

    Here’s the making-of video, in which he once again narrowly avoids being arrested.

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