Finally, a Sexy Swimsuit For Star Trek Fans

  • Star trek swimsuit 1
  • Are you the rare and beautiful animal that enjoys Star Trek: The Next Generation re-runs AND hanging at the beach? Well, then online geek-based retailer ThinkGeek has some fantastic news for you. They’re selling TNG-inspired swimsuits over at their website for the I-don’t-know-enough-about-women’s-clothing-to-say-if-it’s-low price of $59.99 for each one-piece.

    The swimsuits are available in all three TNG crew member colors — blue for the sciences crew, gold for operations, and red for either when you’re a main character or they’re planning to kill you off ten minutes into the episode (AKA the command crew). They’re only available for women, so tough luck to all the male Trekkies out there who want to wear bodysuits during beach season. (ThinkGeek does have a Star Trek-based Hawaiian shirt, though, so don’t feel too left out.)

    Whether you’re planning on spending the summer sipping piña coladas in the Bahamas or standing alone in your room twirling around in front of your mirror, illuminated only by the pale glow from your monitor, if you like TNG and you want to represent your fandom, pick up the swimsuits here before they run out. And remember: live long and prosper.