LA Conspiracy Theorists Beware: This Waiter will Stop You By Acting Like an Ape

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  • Posted to Reddit, please enjoy the spectacle that is a crazy conspiracy theorist being shut down by a waiter acting like a monkey.

    We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried. According to the video description, the man walked up to diner’s at a Los Angeles establishment and began screaming at customers while they ate their meals. Adding to the spectacle, one of the establishment’s waiters decided to take matters into his own hands and scream back at the man, imitating a monkey.

    The conspiracy theorist was identified as “Evil Elmo,” AKA Adam Sandler (no, not THE Adam Sandler), a deranged man who dressed up as Elmo and harassed tourists in New York with conspiracy theories, racism, and anti-semetic remarks since 2009. Given Hollywood’s propensity to also have people dressed as film and TV characters while on the sidewalk, we’re not surprised that “Evil Elmo,” has made an appearance.

    His most recent appearance (aside from the above) was in San Francisco where he terrorized children and adults alike with his ramblings.